Handmade Leather Belts

Stainless steel buckle comes with -- or is an option for -- many of our belts.

We handcraft our belts from the finest leather, with or without decorative hardware. Starting with top-grain leather hides, we hand-cut them into straps, bevel the edges, then dye and burnish the edges with a bee's-wax finish and hand-set decorative hardware. (Natural edges are left undyed and unwaxed.)

You can adorn almost any belt with your favorite buckle, since it unsnaps to easily replace the buckle. You can now order any plain belt without the buckle. Just click on one of the Handmade Leather Belt Blank links below.

Larger and smaller lengths are available on request -- click here for details. We also make wide belts for kilts, dresses and pants with extra-wide loops. Please email us at or call us at 510-235-8831 for more information.

For those with allergies to nickel, we offer a selection of stainless steel belt buckles. Just click on the Belt Buckles link on the sidebar.

Click here for information on measuring for your new belt.

Handmade Extra Wide Leather Belts
For specialty garments with
oversized loops!
1-1/2"-Wide Handmade Leather Belt with Stitched Stainless Steel Buckle
NEW! If you're allergic to nickel, try this!
Hand-Distressed/Vintage Finish Leather Belts
Each hand-finished, each unique looking!
1-1/4" Handmade Leather Belt
Ideal width for dress slacks!
Also in white and with
stainless steel buckle!
1-1/2" Handmade Leather Belt
Perfect for jeans or slacks!
Also in white and with
stainless steel buckle!
1-3/4" Handmade Leather Belt
Ideal jeans belt
Rugged and beautiful!
Also in white and with
stainless steel buckle!
1" Wide Leather Belt with <BR>Stainless Steel Buckle
Tooled, stainless steel buckle
Handmade Dress Belt
NEW! Handsome textured leather belt
with accent stitching
1-1/2" Belt with Nickel-Plated Reverse Rivets
2 rows of handset nickel rivets. Also available
with brass rivets.
Double O-Ring Belt
Double O-ring Belt
Handmade and Hot!
Double O-ring Belt  Decorated with Rivets
Wear as a hip-huggin' lo-rider
or through belt loops!
Handmade 1-Row Pyramid Stud Belt
A single row of
handset pyramid studs on
top-grain leather
2-row Pyramid Belt
2 rows of handset pyramids
Handmade 3-Row Pyramid Stud Belt
3 rows of pyramid studs
set by hand on
top-grain leather
1-1/2"-Wide Handmade Purple Leather Belt
NEW! Soft supple purple leather
beautiful to behold!
Measuring for Your New Belt
To Ensure Correct Fit!
All our leather items are handcrafted in the U.S.A. by one artisan.